About Paris Rental Connections

Last updated: 20 January 2016

 At Paris Rental Connections we specialise in Paris vacation rental apartments for visitors to Paris and London. Our homes are all individually owned and lived in by the owners themselves part of the year, so they all have their own personalities.

If you are coming to Paris for business or on vacation and would like to live like a true Parisian in central Paris or London and want to find a comfortable home away from home, then we can help.

When you arrive at the apartment you will be personally met by an English speaking greeter who will ensure you start your trip in a stress free and pleasant environment.  The greeter will answer all your queries about the apartment and can give you many tips about the city.

Your apartment will be clean and the beds made up to the number requested and ready to use, with towels laid out for each guest. Our welcome book will provide all the information you need to use the appliances, and contains some essential information about Paris and what to do and see in your local area.

Our policy is to make renting from us as friendly, easy and straight forward as possible and to make sure you have great memories of your stay with us!

All customer queries will be answered within 24 hours.

How it Came About Paris Rental Connections evolved when the director of the company started renting out her own apartment in Paris.

She was asked a few times if she could manage other people's apartments as well, and as she really enjoyed the contact with the guests who visit Paris and loved to share her knowledge of the city, she took on more and more apartments in different areas of Paris.  The company now has a portfolio of around 20 apartments in Paris and London.


Paris Rental Connections was set up in 2003 and we are happy to say that we still offer a personalised service with many more properties for our guests and are generating more business for our property owners.

Photo Mitch By Ingrid Oct 2There are two people in the London office: the Director: Michele Vannoni and the outstanding bi-lingual Elodie Fortoul our Bookings & Reservation Manager who will be your main contact during the booking procedure.  Elodie IMG 3700 Cropped Small


Her contribution to the company has been outstanding and she is a joy to everyone who interacts with her.. 


In Paris you will be met by either our Paris agent multi-talented: Jaymes Moore who also writes most of the articles in our blog pages and takes great photos of Paris (see the City Insider page) and also works on many aspects of the design of our website and logos. 


Or you will meet our extremely experienced Galenya Dubois who has worked in many aspects of Paris property services including sales.  You will perhaps also meet Paul Waters, a British expat who has lived in Paris for many years and has also run his own company.

In London you will be met by either Richard Whitelaw, long standing friend of the owners of Eardley Crescent, or by Elodie herself or for Artillery House by Paul a good friend and neighbour of the owners of this East London property.

Our Paris properties are cleaned by a great and efficient cleaning and maintenance  company called Paris Suite Services, run by Karim Boukari (ex Mariott group) and in London by a very reliable company called Fast Klean.

We hope you will enjoy your vacation rental in either Paris or London.

If you are an owner and have a property you would like us to manage then do contact us. We'd love to hear from you!

Michele Vannoni

Director of Incorporated Company: Home Rental Connections Ltd. a Limited Company Registered with Companies House in England and Wales UK Company Number: 4348526

See "Europe For Visitors" article about Michele Vannoni: http://europeforvisitors.com/









Grand Lepic Dining Room

Grand Lepic

PricesFrom €589
 Sitting Area With View Out

Paris Babylone

PricesFrom €441
Living Room

Babylone 3

PricesFrom €534
Living room

Montmartre Vineyards

PricesFrom €143
Bed and sitting area


PricesFrom €160
Lepic Retreat Living room

Lepic Retreat

PricesFrom €213