11 Sep 18

Rainy Days in Paris


We all know and love the big three Paris museums - the Louvre, the Centre Pompidou and the Musée d'Orsay. Ticking them off your list is a must.

But there's so much more to the city's museum scene than these tourist-heavy pillars of Paris.

Don't follow the crowds. Strike out on your own and enjoy a rather more bizarre side of the city. From police and eroticism to skulls and sewers, Paris has it covered.


Musée de Le Poupee

Your young daughter will love you for life if you take her to this small private museum of 500 dolls. She'll enjoy the story telling sessions and workshops (making dolls clothes for instance or food for the dolls houses set up there).

10am to 6pm Tues-Sunday.
Impasse Berthaud, 75003 Paris.
Métro Rambuteau.

 Rainy Days in Paris

Galerie-Musée Baccarat

Since 1764 the House of Baccarat has been supplying the world's elite (think Prince of Wales to Josephine Baker and Indian Maharajas) ornate crystal luxury items. In this neo-rococo fairytale secluded in the former mansion of the Vicomtesse de Noailles, this museum showcases 1000 stunning pieces. Don't forget to book ahead for lunch or dinner in the Cristal Room.

11 Place des Etats-Unis. 75016 Paris.
Open 10am to 6pm Mon+ Wed to Sat.
Free for under 18s.
Métro: Boissiere 

Others favourites:

The Catacombes, Musée Carnavalet, Musée Fragonard, Musée de la Préfecture de Police, Musée des Egouts , Musée Valentin Hauy