Booking Terms and Conditions

Last updated: 13 February 2018

You can enquire by email or get a price quote directly online for your individual dates. The price will be quoted to you in Euros for Paris and in Sterling for the UK. The price includes utilities, taxes, booking fees.  You will also be able to choose holiday extras and fill in the number of beds you require.  The term "beds" can signify beds or sofa-beds.

Minimum booking: The minimum booking period is as listed on each property and this minimum amount will be quoted to you even if you want to stay fewer nights.

Confirmation: Your booking can be confirmed online - after the enquiry and quote stages of the online booking process, if you are happy to go ahead, you can proceed to confirmation stage. When you confirm you will be asked to agree to our Terms & Conditions which you can read and print.

After you have clicked your agreement to the Terms & Conditions your chosen dates are immediately blocked and the apartment will be held for you.
You can then complete your payment either by credit card or by bank to bank wire transfer within 48 hours.  By agreeing to our Terms & Conditions you are engaging in the rental of your chosen apartment.

For credit card payments when you are arriving less than 4 weeks from the date of booking we will require a photocopy of your ID and credit card.  It can be sent either by PDF scan or a photo of the ID can be emailed to us.  This is to confirm that you are the owner of the credit card.

We accept bank to bank transfers or credit card payments on our site.
When the booking is more than 2 months ahead, a 50% deposit is required, if your dates are within 2 months, 100% of the rental should be paid at this time.
Once your payment is received by our bank your rental is confirmed, but the dates are blocked off in the meantime.

The remaining 50% payment for the booking is due 60 days prior to your arrival.

We require a security deposit as damage deposit, this is refunded to you after your stay
Credit payment online payable ten days before you arrive.
The security deposit will be used in the case of damage to the apartment and furnishings, extra cleaning, or loss of key.

Should the property be left in an untidy or dirty state requiring more than the normal clean then we will need to charge you.  This includes leaving dirty dishes, bags of rubbish and leaving the apartment untidy.
We will send you a bill for any charges relating to damages incurred. The fee for extra cleaning is 30 euros or £25 sterling.

Damage, breakage and loss by the guest will be deducted accordingly and we will contact you first with proper documentation evidence in the form of photos if possible or description.

 The amount of the security deposit shall in no way limit the tenant's financial responsibility for damage or deterioration made to the apartment during the tenant's stay.
If all is in order after your departure the deposit will be returned to you within 10 days by Paypal refund. Any damage or loss will be notified to you first then deducted accordingly.


*Check in: from 11 Am
*Check out: by 10am

Arrivals: Our check in time of 11 am doesn't necessarily mean that the apartment will be ready to move into at 11 am.

It will often still be undergoing cleaning. We understand that some flights arrive early but we need to have the apartments cleaned before your stay.  To facilitate your early arrivals into Paris you will be able to go to the apartment as early as 10.15 am.  Cleaning takes about 2-3 hours depending on the size of the apartment - If the cleaning is in progress you will be able to drop off your luggage proceed with the check-in and then we will give you the keys so that you can go out for breakfast or coffee and come back when the cleaner has finished.

Our local agent will meet you in person inside the apartment when you arrive to show you how things work and answer any questions about your stay.  You will be given 2 sets of keys (3 sets for 3 bedroom properties).

If on the day and time of your arrival the property is vacant and ready you will be able to check in earlier.  Please supply us with your exact arrival information as soon as possible so that we can schedule an appointment.

If you would like the property to be available for an earlier arrival, we suggest you reserve from the previous day.

We will send you the details of the apartment address and contact details once your booking is confirmed and we have received your first payment.  We will give you information on how to get to the apartment from your point of arrival into Paris if needed.

Departures: Our cleaning service arrives at 10 am on the day you leave and we need you to vacate no later than 10am.
Please leave the 2 or 3 sets keys on the table or where your check-in agent has indicated.  Be sure to pack all your belongings and then shut the door firmly behind you.
Should you forget something in the apartment after you have left then contact us and we will be able to post it back to you.  Please note that there is a 25 euro service fee to take care of returning your belongings to you + cost of postage or Fedex costs.

Early and Late check-ins:
Our local agent's business hours are from 08:30am to 8:30pm.  We always do our best to accommodate your early and late arrivals and here are the prices and conditions:

Check in fees: Based on arrival times at the property
08:30am to 8:30pm: No cost (if property already empty)

Early and Late arrivals & Check in fees if the property in question doesn't have a guest leaving that morning.

07:00 am to 08:25 am: 60 euros (£50 in UK)
8:35pm to midnight: 60 Euros (£50 in UK)

We cannot guarantee check in after 10:00pm it is dependent on agent's availability and agreement.  We cannot accept check ins later than midnight or earlier than 7:00 am

The time of your check-in is based on your expected arrival time at the apartment - should you arrive earlier or later without prior notice (notice of at least 2 hours) you will still be expected to pay this fee as our greeter will have made special arrangements to work later or earlier to accommodate you.
We reserve the right not to greet you after hours and may suggest alternative arrangements.

The apartment you are renting will contain:
A starting supply of toilet paper (usually 2)
Some coffee, tea and sugar
2  Dishwashing tabs, 2 Washing machine tabs
Towels (2 per person)
Bed linen for the number of beds stated in your booking
Any further supplies should be requested in advance and paid for by the renter.
Telephone: All apartments have free local calls included in the price.

Most properties have free unlimited calls to international landlines but be sure to check the list in the apartment as the countries may vary - wherever calls are free to international landlines calls to cell phones for the USA & Canada are also free.
As each phone service is different before making any calls check the list of free calls which are listed in the welcome book in the apartment.
Cell phone calls are not free (in France these are numbers starting with 06 in the UK they usually start with 07) - Please note that these calls can be quite expensive so limit cell phone calls from the apartment to your greeter only.  Phone cards can be bought in local "Tabacs" or small grocery stores for any calls that are not free.

The properties will be clean and the number of beds requested made up and clean towels laid out for your arrival.  Before you leave please be sure to do any washing up, tidy and take out all trash leaving the apartment as you found it. Our cleaning service will take care of the sheets and towels.  Cleaning rates are expensive and we would rather not have to charge you back for extra cleaning time so be sure to leave the apartment in a tidy state when you leave.

All apartments are non-smoking this means in the apartment or anywhere in the building and interior common parts.
Pets: No pets allowed

For rentals of a month or more, the apartment will be cleaned twice a month; at this time the cleaner will clean the apartment and change the towels and sheets.
These extra cleans will be scheduled in advance - be sure to check the dates with your greeter when you arrive.

We hope you will not cancel. Should you cancel 60 or more days before your scheduled arrival date, we will refund your deposit less an admin charge of 100 Euros/ £100 but not the booking fee.  If you cancel within 60 days of your arrival all sums paid to Paris Rental Connections or their owners will be forfeited unless we can re-book the dates in which case we will refund the amount paid less an admin charge of 100 Euros/£100 but not the booking fee.  If you cancel within 30 days of your arrival we will retain the full amount of the rental.
Cancellation insurance is the renter's personal responsibility, and we strongly recommend taking out insurance for your trip.  We cannot be held responsible for a cancellation for ANY reason, whatever it may be.

Change of dates: Should you need to completely change your travel dates after payment then this becomes a new rental.  We will usually be able to add days to your booking without any cost if the apartment is free.

Cancellation by host: In the unlikely event that we are unable to provide you, with the property originally booked, we reserve the right to offer you: A property of equal or greater value.  If the property is of greater value, you will be asked to pay the difference - or if this is unacceptable, you will be given a refund.
If the only property available is a smaller property or one of lesser value, you will be given the choice of taking it with a refund for the difference in price from your original booking - or if this is unacceptable, you will be given a 100% refund.
If nothing is available for your date, we will cancel the booking and immediately give you a full refund.  Possible reasons for cancellation by us would include, but not limited to: Damage to apartment, flooding, fire & major construction on building and sometimes legal reasons like death of owner etc.

If you lose the key, for your security, we are required to change the locks and have all the new keys cut.  These costs are the renters responsibility.  A quote will be given to you and you are required to pay this while you are still in Paris or as soon as we know about it.  This is often quite expensive in Europe from 800-1200 Euros depending on specific lock + keys cut a new key can cost about 90 euros.
NEVER leave your key on the inside of the door as you will not be able to push the key into the outside lock and open the door from the outside again.  If this happens and we need to call in a locksmith you will be liable for the cost of repairs.

Renters agree to inform greeter or PARIS RENTAL CONNECTIONS immediately of any damages that occur during stay as soon as possible during your stay.

The number of people occupying the property at one time should be the same as the number listed on your reservation and will not exceed the maximum occupancy amount indicated on the property details.
If extra people will be occupying property please let us know in advance, but in no case can we accept more people than the normal maximum occupancy.
The renter listed in the booking confirmation must be the same person to occupy the property for the listed dates and not sub-let under any conditions.

You will be staying in a privately owned apartment in a building where other residents live.  As such there are common parts and tenants should be very aware that noise travels in buildings both in the apartments and the common parts and we ask our renters to be respectful of other people's right to live in the same building without disturbance.  No smoking or shouting in any part of the inner building should be carried out.
If you are expecting to arrive late at night or if you depart before 8 am please don't roll luggage over the floor as floorboards are very noisy for your downstairs neighbours - please pack your luggage the day before departure and move it towards the front door the day before your early departure to avoid disturbing.
As in every private apartment sometimes appliances break down - please notify us as soon as possible if a problem comes up.  Every effort will be used to rectify it in a timely manner.
Locks:  Paris has some very sturdy locks and as such the keys are sometimes hard to turn.  Your greeter will show you how they all work and be sure to practice on them yourself with your greeter.

In all PARIS RENTAL CONNECTIONS properties high speed internet connections is provided with Ethernet cable and/or a wireless network.  PARIS RENTAL CONNECTIONS and property owners will do their best to keep everything in good working condition.  If you wish to connect your computer to this network, all the connection codes and information necessary for you to connect are listed in the welcome book.  We cannot be responsible for renter's inability to connect to a working internet connection. If this were to occur, we can provide the name of a computer tech person who can set up the connection for you, at your own expense.
Please note that internet connections in Europe are not always reliable. We cannot be held responsible for a non-functioning internet connection or computer, but we will use all means possible to remedy the problem as soon as possible.

Paris Rental Connections or the owners cannot be held responsible at any time for breakdown of mechanical equipment in rental or common area of the building (heat, elevator, electricity), nor for failure of public utilities (water, gas, cable, electricity) or for temporary stoppage of building utilities for urgent and un-expected repairs.  Usually the building maintenance  will put up a sign warning tenants in the building of proposed works even if they are done at the last minute. However, we are not in the building every day to see these signs.  If you see a sign written in French send us an email or a text or a photo so that we can let you know what it says.

For apartment break-downs we will first have our maintenance person or local agents come over to determine the problem and then try to repair it.  If we cannot repair it we will call in a specialist.  Specialists are not always available to come immediately but we will strive to get an appointment within 3 days (specialists only work Monday to Friday).
Specialists and workmen needed to repair or maintain the apartment or building may have to come during your stay. Usually they will be accompanied by our local agent or by our normal maintenance person or owner and if we are aware of it we will ask your permission first.  Occasionally there are other official repairs carried out without our prior knowledge - and if they turn up while you are home (they won't have a key) please phone our local agent so that we can verify their credentials. If no appointment has been made with them you do not have to let them in if you don't want to.

In apartment buildings there are sometimes works carried out by neighbours in the same building or in adjacent buildings, or sometimes carried out in the street outside.  These works don't need to be notified to us or the owners and as such Paris Rental Connections and the owners of the apartments cannot be held responsible for such works.  Should the said works be of a nature to disturb you outside of working hours (9am 5pm) then the police should be called by you while staying in the apartment when the noise is happening - city police take noise pollution very seriously.

Once we are notified of the disturbance we will do everything possible to re-locate you to another apartment if the nature of the works is excessively noisy or disturbing to you.
We reserve the right to offer you:
A property of equal or greater value.  If the property is of greater value, you will be asked to pay the difference - or if this is unacceptable, you will be given a refund of any remaining dates of the dates you booked.
If the only property available is a smaller property or one of lesser value, you will be given the choice of taking it with a refund for the difference in price from your original booking - or if this is unacceptable, you will be given a refund of any remaining dates of the dates you booked.  If nothing is available for your date, we will cancel the booking and immediately give you a refund.
If we are made aware of such works before your arrival we will notify you in advance and offer another apartment so that you can decide where to stay.

Please make sure your personal or travel insurance will cover you in the unfortunate event that you injure yourself in the property or if you become ill during your stay.
It is advised that you take out your own multi-risk home, travel and tenant liability insurance.
All valuables left in property are done so at your own risk.  All measures have been taken to ensure that the rental property is secure, but it is your responsibility to make sure proper precaution is taken against theft or burglary.
Paris Rental Connections, their agents or the property owners take no responsibility whatsoever for injury to any tenant during the rental period, nor held responsible for loss, breakage, damage or theft of any personal property of the tenants and their guests.

Tenants agree to fully release Paris Rental Connections and any representative, owner and owners' representative from any and all claims for liability and damages to tangible or intangible personal property or personal injury occurring to the tenant or third parties on the premises during the rental period.
Tenants agree that Paris Rental Connections and owner's liability for all claims, of any kind, arising out of this engagement shall be limited to the total fees paid by tenants).
Tenants agree that Paris Rental Connections and owner's liability for all claims, of any kind, arising out of this engagement shall be limited to the total fees paid by tenant to Home Rental Connections on this engagement.

These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales. Any dispute arising under these Terms and Conditions shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.

Your privacy is very important to us! As a result, Paris Rental Connections will not release any of your personal details to a third party without your prior approval. We do not redistribute your name, address, telephone number, e-mail contact to anyone else and we only use the details you have provided us to gather statistical information for our website or to let you know about special offers or other information.
If you have opted to use a credit card for any payments, we do not have access to these details and the information remains strictly with the merchant bank.
We may contact you from time to time to let you know about new apartments or offers.